USF College of Behavioral & Community Sciences                                                     May 23 - 29, 2016

MHLP Professor Collaborates on Intervention Accepted as an Evidence-Based HIV Behavioral Intervention by the CDC

Celia Lescano, PhD, is a collaborator on a team of investigators from Brown University (PI: Larry Brown, MD), Emory University (PI: Ralph DiClemente, Ph.D.), and the University of Illinois at Chicago (PI: Geri Donenberg, Ph.D.), whose NIMH multisite trial, Project STYLE (2RO1 MH063008), has been identified by the CDC as meeting criteria for the "Best evidence of efficacy" and will be listed in their Compendium of Evidenced-based HIV Behavioral Interventions (EBI). This designation will greatly aid in the dissemination of this useful intervention, which will help to improve the health of adolescents, especially those in mental health treatment. Dr. Lescano's current NIMH-funded study, Latino STYLE, is a cultural adaptation of Project STYLE and targets community Latino adolescents and their parents. The collection of 18-month follow-up data from the Latino STYLE trial is currently being completed and the results of the Latino STYLE trial will be available soon. More information regarding the newly-designated CDC EBI, Project STYLE, can be found here.

Charter Celebration of the Sertoma Collegiate Club

On Friday, April 15, 2016 the Charter Celebration of the Sertoma Collegiate Club at USF-Tampa was held in the breezeway of the PCD building on USF's campus. This momentous occasion marked the first Sertoma Collegiate Club in the State of Florida, and 14th in the nation. Many distinguished guests were in attendance, from USF faculty to Sertoma leaders. At this celebration, we inducted 19 student members and installed the President, Vice President, and Secretary, as well as our two club faculty advisors. While the Sertoma Collegiate Club at USF-Tampa is open to all students, the board and the newly inducted students are graduate and undergraduate level CSD students. Graduate members are either pursuing their Masters in Speech-Language Pathology or their Doctorate in Audiology. Sertoma stands for "Service to Mankind" and has many clubs and branches throughout our state and our country. As a club, we are looking forward to serving our community and providing education about Speech and Hearing.

Courageous Conversations: Do Black Lives Matter?

Courageous Conversations is a collaborative speaker series that examines current events and policies in our nation that directly impact our community. This month we will be examining: Do Black Lives Matter? Join us as our highly trained facilitators guide public safety officials, community leaders, students and citizens through civil discussion to address current issues on race and recent police encounters with Black males that have received media coverage. The evolution of technology as it affects racial matters in our society will also be included in this discussion. Additionally, we will focus on ways the media can improve its portrayal of people of color in our community and across the nation.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7:00 - 8:50pm
USF Traditions Hall @ the Gibbons Alumni Center

CBCS In the News

Wal-Mart is hot spot for calls to law enforcement
Tampa Bay Times
"There's just very limited open space," said Jennings, a University of South Florida professor with degrees in criminology and psychology, "and then there's literally tons of products."

Being Super Busy May* Be Good For Your Brain
Smithsonian, New Hampshire Voice
Psychologist Brent Small, director of the University of South Florida's School of Aging Studies, said the results are "in line with a large body of research suggesting that older adults who are actively engaged in cognitive stimulating activities are more likely to perform better on standard cognitive tasks."

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