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May 3 - 9, 2020

CBCS COVID-19 photo contest. Submit your work from home COVID-19 photos to by May 8, 2020. We'll post the photos in Communique over the next few weeks, then vote on our favorite photos at the end of the Spring semester.
COVID-19 Update

ABA Doctoral Students Record 50 Lectures in One Week for Remote Instruction

As USF prepared to meet the continuing educational needs of students during the COVID 19 Crisis by transitioning to remote instruction for the duration of 2019 spring semester, ABA Doctoral Students Marlesha Bell and Anthony Concepcion, who both began the ABA doctoral program in 2017, provided much needed support to the ABA program. Read more...

Save the Date: Dean's COVID-19 Update and Q&A Session

All CBCS faculty and staff are invited to attend the Dean's COVID-19 Update and Q&A session on May 13, 2020. In order to allow faculty to close out the Spring semester, we are convening the meeting the day after grades are due. We hope this will allow everyone to join us before faculty disperse for the summer. This meeting will be held virtually on Teams and we will send a link to the meeting in advance. So mark your calendars. Let Patty Cleveland know if you have any questions.

Save the Date
COVID-19 Update and Q&A with Dean
May 13, 2020 from 10:00-11:00am
Teams Live Event
Link to meeting will be provided a few days in advance.

We invite you to share your COVID-19 stories in Communique. Let us know how you are coping with working remotely. Submit your photos and captions to

As always, you should refer to the official USF coronavirus webpage for the most up to date information. 

Stay safe

CBCS Faculty Receive Funding from the USF COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Program
A Pandemic Response Research NetworkTM (PRRN) with nine Research Hubs has been established at USF in the past month. A Rapid Response grant program was announced, giving faculty less than a week to develop and submit proposals for $25,000 in funding. More than 400 researchers were involved in the submission of 128 proposals matched to the key areas of the PRRN Research Hubs. These short-term projects were reviewed and 14 proposals were selected for an initial round of funding. The PRRN and the research hubs (e.g., Behavioral, Socio-emotional, and Educational Wellbeing Hub) are developing interdisciplinary research clusters of faculty interested in collaborative projects and responding to the many funding opportunities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following projects involving CBCS faculty were funded:
Alternative Processing of Civil and Criminal Justice System Matters for People with Behavioral Health Disorders
Co-PI: Annette Christy & Randy Otto
Co-I: Paul Stiles and Ryan Wagoner (USF Psychiatry)
Social distancing requirements to stem the spread of COVID-19 has had an impact on the legal system, particularly in proceedings which involve persons with mental and substance use disorder who undergo clinical assessments and hearings for involuntary hospitalization under Florida's Baker Act. USF researchers will conduct a six-month study on the use of technology to carry out clinical assessment and justice system hearings in both civil and criminal justice system cases involving people with mental and substance abuse issues.
Social Closeness Despite Social Distance: A Study of Strategies to Fight Loneliness During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Co-PI: Brent Small along with several colleagues in the College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology
The COVID-19 pandemic has fractured social support systems and the effects of loneliness will likely be magnified during social distancing, especially among those with pre-existing psychological vulnerabilities, such as depression and anxiety. The project will document and analyze the impact of COVID-19 on psychosocial and physical well-being and work to develop new tools and solutions to help vulnerable people maintain social connections while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
The USF Rapid-Risk Assessment and Intervention for COVID-19
Co-PI: Ross Andel & Lindsay Peterson along with several colleagues in USF Health College of Nursing
The human behavioral response during a pandemic illness such as COVID-19 is not well understood, and the abundance of information shared through various channels can reduce the public's ability to identify and adhere to evidence-based guidelines. The project will lead an interdisciplinary study to analyze risk behavior, risk mitigation and chronic disease management and work to deliver tailored messaging to encourage safer behaviors among individuals at risk for infection.
Criminology Associate Professor Selected for Fulbright Award

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Wang on being selected for a Fulbright award to teach and research in China. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Fulbright Program is devoted to increasing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.

The goals of Dr. Wang's Fulbright project are to teach American public administration with a focus on justice studies and investigate procedural justice in the Chinese societies. Through his research, Dr. Wang has studied procedural justice, a popular framework developed in the western context, in Chinese societies that operate democratic and non-democratic systems. His prior working experience in the field and bilingual/bicultural background enable him to integrate a comparative perspective into the instruction of American justice studies to make the lectures relevant and understandable to Chinese audience.

"A broader sense of justice that is rooted in residents' perceptions of fairness can be revealed from a comparative perspective," said Dr. Wang. While some argue that fairness is the corner stone of justice in democracy, understanding how the political system constrains the justice agencies can interact with the residents and how the residents may perceive the public entities and legitimacy is a fascinating topic to Dr. Wang.

"With my international background, I am excited to explore mainland China where I never visited before and to learn its contemporary culture," added Dr. Wang. People tend to view Chinese societies as a homogenous body, but they are not. For example, the 'Pearl of East' - Hong Kong - was a colony of Britain and the 'Las Vegas of Asia' -Macau - was a colony of Portuguese, and both places were ruled under western political system for about a century long. Through a comparative perspective, these societies that inherent Chinese heritage can help reveal essential theoretical elements of procedural justice, expand the generalizability of related theories in public administration and justice, and shed new light on the problems of mutual understanding and respects between Chinese and American societies.

He plans to visit Xiamen University in spring 2021 and work with research partner and graduate students in Sociology Department and establish a long-term collaboration. Due to COVID-19, Dr. Wang's plans will be confirmed at a later date, according to Fulbright Board.

Criminology Assistant Professor Receives New Researcher Grant Award

Dr. Chae Jaynes was recently awarded a university-level New Researcher Grant to evaluate how perceptions of job quality influence willingness to reoffend among a high-risk sample of incarcerated individuals. The study is a collaborative effort with Dr. John Cochran (Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminology) and students, which seeks to foster a strong community partnership with a local correctional facility to help guide reentry efforts.

Donations Needed for People Who Are Homeless

As faculty, staff, and students in CBCS, we all share a mission to help those in need. Unfortunately, in light of the circumstances, many of the resources that have previously served people who are homeless and hungry have been forced to shut down. These past few weeks, we have met with two organizations that are still up and running and doing their best to help: The Coffee Shop (an outreach and engagement center provided by Gracepoint) and Hillsborough Hope (the new tent city in Tampa supported by Catholic Charities and the county government).

We are currently working to put together supply kits for these organizations, where they can safely and securely be put into the hands of those who need them. We are accepting financial donations here through GoFundMe.

Alternatively, if you are stuck at home and find yourself in a cleaning frenzy, we are also accepting donations of the following:

  • Bath towels
  • Reusable bags (like grocery bags, canvas bags, backpacks, etc.)
  • Blankets
  • Shoes (mostly men's)
  • Clothing (we really need men's clothes, especially pants!)
  • Socks
  • Nonperishable food
  • Depends (mostly for men)
  • Nonperishable drinks (juice, tea, ensure, etc.)
  • Hygiene items (especially sunscreen, razors, and nail clippers)

If you gather your donations in a bag and place them outside of your house, one of our team members will happily come pick them up or we can meet you at a convenient spot! Just email us your address when it is ready, and we will coordinate the rest. Please rest assured, we are taking safety precautions to sanitize and maintain social distancing. For questions, donation pick-up, or more information about our partners, please reach out to Amanda Sharp at, Melissa Carlson at, or Kathleen Moore at Thank you for your kindness!

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New Publications
  1. Galea, J. T., Ramos, K., Coit, J., Friedman, L. R., Contreras, C., DueƱas, M., ... Gelaye, B. (2020). The use of wearable technology to objectively measure sleep quality and physical activity among pregnant women in urban Lima, Peru: A pilot feasibility study. Maternal and Child Health Journal. doi: 10.1101/2019.12.29.19016097

  3. Powers, R. A., Moule, R. K., Dodge, C. E., & Boggess, L. N. (2020). Structuring the Invisible War: Base and Community Influences on Military Sexual Assault Occurrence. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2020.03.003
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