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Marketing & Communications Resources

Marketing & Communications Resources

There are a few things we want you to know about promoting and publicizing your work. As you engage in research, or work with USF students and community, we want you to tell your story and let us know about the awesome things you're doing in and out of the classroom. Any time you receive a grant, make a breakthrough, engage in an exciting project with students, or publish a new paper, people need to know! Here are our most common avenues of publication and promotion within our community and their audiences.

Internal Communications

Communiqué – CBCS Faculty and Staff

The Communiqué is a weekly e-newsletter that goes out to CBCS faculty and staff. It includes short (100-250 word) stories that cover research activities, faculty attending conferences, successful student projects, promotion for research participants, and more. These snippets can link to longer stories or other webpages based on your needs. Contact:

Faculty Spotlight – CBCS Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty spotlight videos highlight a professor's research and its impact in the community. These videos explain the research project and how it is making a difference in communities on a level that students and outsiders can understand. Spotlight videos are no more than four minutes long. Contact:

Electronic Monitors – CBCS Faculty, Staff, and Students

The main CBCS facility is outfitted with several informational monitors. You can request that your announcement for research participants, course registrations, event attendees, etc. be placed in rotation on these monitors. Short messages only, please. Contact:

Feature Stories

Slider Stories – CBCS Faculty, Staff, and Students

Slider stories are featured on the front page of the CBCS website and are linked to from the large images on the main page. These stories focus on a wide range of topics throughout the college, but must have some link to the college, one of its departments, its students, or its goals. Contact:

USF Magazine – USF Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and more.

USF Magazine is widely distributed and showcases the best of USF's research and campus life. It features high-profile research developments that are often financially lucrative for the university or that are likely to garner more outside attention. Contact:

AlumNews – Alumni

AlumNews is a monthly e-newsletter that showcases successful alumni in Tampa and across the nation. In order to be featured, the story must be related to USF alumni in some way. Contact: (for proofing services) (for publication)

Social Media

The College and USF have several social media platforms to post information related to Bull Pride, Alumni Stories, college events and campaigns, community outreach, and student success. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. There are links to our social media sites from the CBCS main webpage: Contact:

Contact Information

USF's Expert Guide – Media

USF keeps an online list of experts for media and publishers to contact. This list includes a short paragraph telling the faculty member's expert/research area along with a photo and contact information. Contact: