University of South Florida

College of Behavioral and Community Sciences

Faculty Council Minutes

Faculty Council Overview CBCS Faculty Council

The CBCS Faculty Council is responsible for ensuring that the faculty's role in the shared governance process of CBCS is consistent with the principles of shared governance enumerated above and summarized below:

  1. Originating policy related to academic and scholastic matters, academic ethics, and research;
  2. Acting jointly with administration in making recommendations related to policies and procedures for faculty appointment, promotion, tenure, reward systems, discipline and termination; student conduct and activities; budgetary review and strategic planning as related to academic/research matters; selection and review of academic administrators; and policies concerning the general academic welfare of the CBCS; and
  3. Ensuring that faculty members, through the CBCS and CBCS Department governance structures, are included at all stages of the process of making/reviewing academic/research policy, developing curricula, selecting and reviewing administrators, making budgetary decisions related to academic/research matters, and all other areas relevant to the academic functioning of the CBCS.

The CBCS Faculty Council shares with the BCS College Dean's Council the responsibility of advising the Dean on matters related to academic and research policies and procedures of the CBCS; faculty appointment, tenure, promotion policies/procedures; faculty reward systems; and strategic planning.

The CBCS Faculty Council is responsible for representing the views of the CBCS Faculty Assembly