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The Moms Project

Meet the Original Moms
the original moms

Alice and Mary ArmstrongMy mom, Alice Armstrong, has had a long standing interest on the impact of substance abuse on families. She would like to support an undergraduate student who is conducting research on the prevention of substance abuse problems and on effective interventions. Alice is also interested in research that will identify methods to communicate prevention strategies and intervention strategies to help friends and families affected by substance abuse.

Mary Armstrong, Ph.D., Division Director
Department of Child & Family Studies

Ruth and Roger BoothroydMy mother, Ruth Boothroyd, was accepted by Framingham State University to study nutrition following high school. Due to family circumstances, these plans had to be deferred. She then got married and her plans to go to college were again interrupted by World War II. Following the safe return of her husband from the war, she devoted her life to taking care of her children and was never able to pursue her goal to become a dietician. Ruth would like her scholarship to be awarded to a student who will conduct research on nutrition and well being.

Roger Boothroyd, Ph.D., Chairperson
Department of Mental Health Law & Policy

Ellen Nizzi and Catherine BatscheMy mother, Ellen Nizzi, grew up thinking she would attend college in her home state of Minnesota. This dream was interrupted by the Great Depression when the family moved to Texas so her father could find work. Her lack of education haunted her until the age of 77 when she decided it was time to quit focusing on the negative and go to college. She obtained her AA degree at the age of 84 and then moved to Florida where she decided to pursue a B.A. in Creative Writing. Although not her original intent, she became a role model on positive aging for the younger students, and they were all younger by the time she graduated at age 90! Thus, Ellen's scholarship is for a student who is pursuing research on factors that affect positive aging.

Catherine Batsche, Ph.D., Associate Dean
College of Behavioral & Community Sciences