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Stephanee AggorStephanee Aggor
The research will examine cybercrime victimization and its impact on well-being; it will introduce the negative health effects of trauma from victimization and propose interventions to reduce victimization and promote resilience.

Nicole BrborichNicole Brborich
Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
The study implemented a bilingual intervention to enhance the narrative production and comprehension skills of Spanish-English bilingual children. By improving these skills, the intervention aimed to improve the children's ability to understand and analyze narrative stories and comprehend academic content, in both Spanish and English.

Emely HernandezEmely Hernandez
Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
We are working towards creating Spanish NLM (narrative language measures) assessments that are equal to its English counterparts for bilingual children. Our goal is to enhance both of their languages during some of their most crucial developmental years.

Danielle LaganaDanielle Lagana
Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
My research project is conducted in the USF Neurophysiology of Aging Lab and this study longitudinally explores potential early indicators of cognitive change in a diverse population of older adults. This study hypothesizes that auditory processing, mood, sleep health, linguistic features, hearing loss, and loneliness can help us predict cognitive change.

Isabella RiosIsabella Rios
Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
My research focuses on developing Spanish Narrative Language Measure assessments in the form of stories. Our purpose is to create these stories for children, kindergarten through 2nd grade, to ensure they are parallel to their English versions concerning story grammar and language complexity.

Sally SelevanSally Selevan
Aging Sciences & Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
My research will focus on three research projects focused on aging and cognitive health evaluation in elders with hearing loss. My work has the potential to impact clinical practice and improve the quality of life for older adults with hearing loss.

Alexandria SmithAlexandria Smith
ASL Interpreting
My research is producing a biopsychosocial medical model for dDeaf individuals to preserve and respect dDeaf culture and the community.

Sienna TysonSienna Tyson
Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
In my research project, we are examining the behavioral and neuroscientific aspects of language performance across the lifespan.  We will be researching these features of language performance using discourse-level language tasks and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).

Jolie VisgaitisJolie Visgaitis
Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
My research is in partnership with the Glazer Children’s Museum in downtown Tampa and our research team has collected data from observations of 263 child-caregiver dyads in order to measure museum engagement. By observing children of all ages as well as caregivers of all ages, this research study aims to enhance positive, meaningful relationships across generations.

Lena BayyatLena Bayyat
Communication Sciences and Disorders Language, Speech, and Hearing Science
Tell Me More - The Relationship Between the Perceptual Accessibility of Vocabulary and K-3 Students' Narrative and Expository Language.

Cassandra HendryCassandra Hendry
Communication Sciences and Disorders Language, Speech, and Hearing Science
Broadening Spectrum: Insight into the impact that inferencing has on mathematics in children with autism spectrum disorder

Julia HoonhoutJulia Hoonhout
Behavioral Healthcare Across the Lifespan
Perceptions of methadone treatment among people in recovery from opioid addiction.

Breanna ZuritaBreanna Zurita
Communication Sciences and Disorders Language, Speech, and Hearing Science
Inferencing Ability and its Relation to Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders” which is part of her ongoing work with mentors on a study called “Language Beyond the Spectrum

Sarah Al FalatahSarah Al Falatah
Biomedical Sciences, Minor in Criminology
Race, Solitary Confinement and Mental Health: An Analysis of the Influence of Inmate Race and Mental Health on Solitary Confinement Placement

Jade BrownJade Brown
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Tell Me More

Iman El-KolalliIman El-Kolalli
Communication Sciences and Disorders, minor in Psychology
Broadening the Spectrum: Exploring the Contributions of Communication, Inferencing and Social Perception Skills on Language Development in Children with ASD

Irene FebresIrene Febres
Communication Sciences and Disorders (Concentration in Language, Speech & Hearing), Minor in Applied Linguistics
Examining how the effects of parent co-implemented vocabulary and storytelling intervention for children with ASD falls in line with positive aging

Karley DeasonKarley Deason
Aging Sciences
Personality and Sleep Health: Do Lifestyle Habits Play A Role?

Jessica O'ReillyJessica O'Reilly
Communication Sciences and Disorders & Applied Behavior Analysis
Contributions of Communication, Inferencing, and Social Perception Skills to Reading and Math Performance

Adriana PereiraAdriana Pereira
Criminology & Health Sciences
A limit to positive aging: Elder abuse of non-English speakers

Danielle StuermerDanielle Stuermer
Aging Sciences
Advance Care Planning and Disparities Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Older Adults

Mikaela HemenwayMikaela Hemenway
Behavioral Healthcare and Psychology

Ashley MinanoAshley Minano
Communication Science & Disorders

Anthony SudaAnthony Suda
Aging Sciences and Nursing
Mind, Mood, and Food: The Mind-Body Connection and Its Implications for Aging

Ardhys De LeonArdhys De Leon
Psychology & Behavioral Healthcare
The Relationship of Marchman Act Protective Custody Holds During Emerging Adulthood and Baker Act Examinations During Childhood

Flandra IsmajliFlandra Ismajli
Social Work & Sociology
Nutrition Enhancement among Individuals Diagnosed with Psychiatric, Developmental, and Physical Disabilities

Sierra RowlandSierra Rowland
Behavioral Healthcare & Public Health
Stakeholder Perceptions of Prenatal Substance Use in Hillsborough County

Sarah SerraltaSarah Serralta
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Stress and Burnout in Interpreter Training Students

Haley BeutlerHaley Beutler
Behavioral Healthcare & Industrial Engineering
Alternative and Complementary Treatment Option: Perception of Consumer

Cecelia FergusonCecelia Ferguson
Aging Sciences & Nursing

Robyn GerryRobyn Gerry
Behavioral Healthcare

Allyson LindsayAllyson Lindsay
Language, Speech and Hearing

Katie ColinKatie Colin
Language, Speech, & Hearing
Impact of dementia on language

Cecelia FergusonCecelia Ferguson
Relationship between physical activity and sedentary behavior on fatigue and depression among breast cancer survivors

Crystal JohnsonCrystal Johnson
Behavioral Healthcare
Effectiveness of Family Dependency Treatment Court

Stephanie RaymondStephanie Raymond
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Brain activity during clear speech versus conversational speech: Individuals with hearing loss or English as a second language

Elizabeth CrowleyElizabeth Crowley
Large-scale implementation of an internet-based program to identify early signs of cognitive decline - the Cogstate Brief Battery (Cog-BB)

Megan PorterMegan Porter
Language, Speech, Hearing Science
Quality of life of individuals who have been diagnosed with Meniere's disease

Jacqueline RiveraJacqueline Rivera
Behavioral Healthcare
Determine life factors that can be targeted to prevent the use of alcohol, marijuana and tobacco among school-age youth in Hillsborough County

Lisa RiveraLisa Rivera
Behavioral Healthcare
Prevalence of opioid misuse (prescription drug abuse) among Hispanic populations

Karissa VarnumKarissa Varnum
Language, Speech, & Hearing Science
Impact of musically-adapted stories on increasing socially appropriate behaviors of children with autism

Amanda ArmstrongAmanda Armstrong
Pressures affecting mothers' decision to seek treatment for substance use problems

Melissa BarongiMelissa Barongi
Behavioral Healthcare
Impact of parenting skills training on mothers receiving treatment for substance abuse

Victoria MarinoVictoria Marino
Long Term Care Administration
Caring for Adults Recovering from the Effects of Stroke (CARES) Project